New energy vehicle remote monitoring management platform

[Helping companies in vehicle R&D, vehicle operation and related fields complete the closed loop of vehicle management]

For the field of Internet of Vehicles, Suyun provides a complete set of "cloud + terminal" commercial vehicle networking solutions, combining the on-board T-Box gateway equipment and NEVTSP cloud platform, for electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the fields of public transportation, logistics and special vehicles Provide ubiquitous safety supervision services and intelligent vehicle management cloud platform to remotely measure key vehicle data. Provide fleet management, mobile asset management, operational data analysis and big data mining services to effectively help companies improve vehicle R&D/management efficiency, reduce corporate costs, and provide scientific means for vehicle management to maximize corporate value.

control center

Terminal files, SIM card files, model files, vehicle files, fleet files, hydrogen refueling station files, etc.

real time monitoring

Overall monitoring, bicycle parameter monitoring, mileage monitoring, SOC monitoring, etc.

data query

Parameter query, historical track, alarm record, hydrogen refueling record, parking record, etc.

Data report

Mileage analysis report, hydrogenation analysis report, operation analysis report, failure analysis report, alarm analysis report, etc.

remote control Platform command group

Platform command group sending, automatic task sending, SMS command group sending, command sending record, etc.

After-sales service

Outlet management, maintenance management, maintenance management, parts management, fault knowledge base, etc.